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Sole Saga is Action Roguelite Survival, where you fight many wave of enemies and build up your character with unique weapons and skills. Travel between the land of chaos to challenge epic bosses.

This Demo has 3 playable heroes with 13 weapons, 20 relics,3 playable stage and 10 upgradable stat.All Weapon can be imbued with the relics. ,  fully supported X-input Controller, mouse or keyboard.

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Here's what you can expect from playing Sole Saga:

  • Action based rogue-lite, it's auto attacking survival game but more focus on action. to survive the run, you need to carefully move, dodge and attack at the right moment.
  • Enemies not just follow you around, They have their own move and attack.
  • Every Levels have unique enemies and boss.
  • Weapons with unique play style, You need to learn and master weapons and items one by one, use your creativity to create your play-style or some over-powered build.

Short story

The Goddess of chaos summon heroes from other parallel worlds to banish False Gods. Complete the trial of chaos and become God !

Select Your Hero

Choose your favorite hero that come with their unique weapon and skill.

Unique Build Every Run

It's rogue-like action game, let's leveling up your hero, select weapons/skills and make some powerful builds.

Challenge the False Gods

Fight your way and survive wave of enemies, the false Gods will come and hunt you down.

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About US!

Dev It With Cat, We are duo indie game developers love to make some fun stuff.
we are not native English speaker, if you can kindly provide us help for the translation  or any suggestion for Sole Saga Project, Please join our community above !


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its a great game but a little hard, the upgrade pool its a bit short so could be good to give it some other power-ups, like one for cooldown, soul drop rate and a expensive upgrade for amount of attacking.
also when moving diagonally sometimes not allow you to dash

Thank your for your feedback.

More weapons and power-ups is in development.



Loved this game, def wanna play more. 11:45 (timestamp)


Kill enemies, collect souls, level up, you know the drill. It works well.

Having skills which require you to be still was a pain, but they were all pretty much worth the risk. Twin-stick controls would be nice, but I think they'd take away some of your emphasis on movement/dodging. Actually, only control issue I had was that I couldn't pause the game with an Xbox controller. The esc key still worked just fine.

This has some neat little twists, and it runs smoothly even bogged down in the mobs.

Had a great time, made/killed some crazy builds, and it was fun. More characters, weapons, maps...will take time, but this is damn fine for an alpha. Noice!

the fact that you shoot in the direction that you move is awful

It is kind of weird, having played so many twin-stick games...
Was thinking it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to use a strafe button, to lock the attack direction a la HoloCure.


Pretty nice all out action packed game. love the difficulty of the game, using the upgrades to map out the character is interesting. the girl with the scythe is slow however and her attacks do go through the enemies making her the weakest of the bunch. but it has a solid concept 

Hey, nice video here really fun to watch! thanks for playing our game : ) 

We are reworking the level and some game balance !


Good demo. Just want to add some critic and suggestion.

Little Reaper need buffs. Basic attack's limited hitbox and slow attack speed makes it really hard for her to hit enemies, and with slow casting speed she can barely attack an enemy, let alone a horde of enemies. The other two was ok, imo.

Gathering exp only from souls was quite the challenge since the enemy I killed was mostly around or inside the horde of enemies which I have to force my way through or get around them just to collect some exp. This gets even harder with Little Reaper since there's no way for her to get through that much enemies. Plus, they don't always drop souls. Enemies keeps getting stronger while I'm stuck at low level trying to collect exp.

Looking forward for the next demo. Game is ok so far.

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Thank you for your feedback and youtube video. Little reaper is the character that too op when we start developed her and she got nerfed many times. maybe too much because her passive skills that can quickly cast any special skill. we are really agreed with you that she need some buff at early game.

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I would like to play the game but gpu problem I hope you will update it

Thank you for your interest. Right now the game only run on GPU with OpenGL gles 3.0 supported.